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Practice Survey Reporting

Patient Group Feedback and Report 2015

This year we have been working on the main concerns outlined in the 2013-14 Patient Survey. These have been:

  • Improvement of telephone system
  • Availability of appointments
  • Access to appointments

The report linked below sets out what the Practice has done towards these aims over the past twelve months. The Practice patient Group has given us their comments and approved the report.

 We have received comments from them such as:

“All priorities are included along with steps taken to address issues. Thank you for the information and steps taken to alleviate problems.”

I think there has been a marked upturn in the practice in general, probably to do with the actions taken therefore relieving a lot of pressure and making a happier environment for all”

We are looking to continue to work with the PPG and to arrange a meeting “in person” rather than electronic communications in the next few months.

The concerns listed above continue to make up some of the many challenges facing us in the coming year, and we need to build on the progress we have achieved, and set out in the report.

Thank you to all our patients and particularly our Patient Group for their continuing interest and support of Brook Medical Centre.

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