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Sarcoma Awareness Month

Sarcoma is a rare broad group of cancers that normally begin in the bones or tissues although they can develop anywhere in the body. It affects around 2% of cancers with around 5,000 patients a year been diagnosed.

There are multiple types of sarcoma


  • A lump which has changed – growing
  • Swelling, tender, pain in and around the bone
  • Stomach cramps, feeling sick or loss of appetite
  • Blood in your poo or sick

Sarcomas are often detected with further investigations through different scans such as; Ultrasounds, CT or MRI

Stages vs Grades

Like all cancers, each are staged and or graded. The stage of the Cancer determines the size and if it has spread whilst grading is the appearance of the cancer.

*Having more or one of these symptoms does not mean you have Sarcoma. If this you are worried about your symptoms it is always best to be checked by a clinician/professional*