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World Down Syndrome Day


World Down Syndrome Day has a message for us all…

“End The Stereotypes”

What is a steroptype?

A sterotype is a perception of something that a person knows little about and is usually wrong. The stereotypes are usually damaging to individuals who have little education around such problems and also the person who has different traits to others. The stereotypes often lead to people been treated badly or differently leading to been neglected, abused or ignored.

The awarenss day was made official in 2011 to make people aware of not only Down Syndrome but the negative impacts people deal with on a daily basis. the aim of the campaign is to unite us all to be treated the same and fairly.

1 in 800 babiea are born with down Syndrome with no known cause other than the extra chromosomes occurs naturally.

“Lots of Socks” campaign is an annual global event to get people talking and facing challenges head on and together. The campaign encourages us all to wear odd socks which can be purchased whilst raising money below;

The #LotsOfSocks Shop – Down Syndrome International (