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Nurse Practitioners

Our Nurse Practitioners work complementary to the doctors in that they are qualified to examine, and treat, patients with minor illnesses and injuries. Usually they can see patients on the same day or offer them professional advice over the telephone.

They are able to provide care and prescribe for patients that are suffering from minor, but uncomfortable, illnesses or injures in the daily ’emergency’ clinics. These operate in the mornings and are a joint Doctor/ Nurse Practitioner service.

Nurse Practitioners are qualified to offer help and treatment to patients whose conditions fall within their area of practice.

Examples of the types of problems Nurse Practitioners can advise on and treat are: 

Upper Respiratory Tract

sore throatearachecolds
coughsfeverchest infection
hayfever   boilsnosebleed

Eyes and Skin

sore eyesconjunctivitisrashes sunburn
eczemanappy rashcold soresshingles
threadwormsinfected woundhead liceinsect bites


abdominal painindigestiondiarrhoeavomiting
constipationrectal problemsurine infectionscystitis

Head, Neck & Back

acute headachedizziness
acute neck painacute back pain


vaginal dischargeemergency oral contraception

All Nurse Practitioners are Independent Nurse Prescribers which means they are able to sign their own prescriptions.

By seeing patients with less complex problems the Nurse Practitioners are able to:

  • give advice to patients over the phone if all that is required is reassurance, and perhaps self-medication, which again may save an unnecessary visit to the doctor.
  • promote better access to the doctors’ appointments
  • allow the doctors more time to care for patients with more complicated and serious conditions