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Primary Care Networks explained

Primary Care Network (PCN) are groups of Primary Care/General Practitioners who combine their patients to increase better patient care and meet patient needs. These needs varying from mental health, social care and Pharmacy requirements. They build on existing Primary Care services to allow proactive caring for the patients and the community.

The PCN’s are all led by clinician directors. Whitfield PCN is currently ran by Dr Anwar Tufail, these however can be ran from by clinicians from GPs to Pharmacists. Over 90% of all GP’s form a part of a PCN with other local GPs.

Benefits of the PCN

  • Enable to offer more varied appointments i.e. mental health support
  • More clinical support without outpatient referrals (reducing waiting times)
  • More community based support
  • Wider time frame for appointments making appointments more accessible

What you can expect

  • The aim of the PCN is to deliver more thorough and better health outcomes for individual patients
  • To work together with other clinicians such as nurse and physician associates and work along side care co-ordinators to improve patient satisfaction and keep patient wellbeing as its best
  • PCNs are regularly recruiting to help maintain high quality needs through primary care

Please use this link to explain more about the PCN

Please see the link below for more information of the PCN groups

Primary Care Networks Animation – YouTube