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Autism Acceptance Week

02.04.2024 – 08.04.2024

Autism affects more than 1 in 100 individuals across the UK. Autism Acceptance UK (AAUK) offers support to families who are affected by autism. AAUK donates specialist equipment to Schools and social groups to help and support pupils and the community associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The cause of autism are still unknown and unfortunately there is no known cure, however these are still being researched all over the world.

Autism has a varied range of spectrums affecting individuals in different ways.

  • Social anxiety
  • Repetitiveness
  • Over/under sensitive to light, sound, touch & taste
  • Highly focused interests and hobbies
  • Meltdowns/shutdowns

This year the National Autistic Society is holding colour challenge in the aim to help spread awareness of autism and bring families and communities together. To find out how you can get involved with this, please follow the link below

Spectrum Colour Challenge (