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Alcohol Awareness Week

03.07.2023 – 09.07.2023

This event is organised by Alcohol Change UK. Each year Alcohol Change UK creates a focus , 2023 focus is ‘Alcohol and Cost’

Not only can alcohol have a major impact on you personally, your family, friends, social life and working life it also has an impact on the Community. The impacts of alcohol are often not seen until it starts to affect you physically and emotionally. This then leads to relationship problems and financial problems which then slow lead to impact your mental health.

Alcohol death rates are rapidly increasing since the coronavirus pandemic. Alcohol costs us on average around £10,000 in our lifetime and the social cost of alcohol to society is over £20billion every year which significantly impacts the NHS and Emergency Services.

The cost of living crisis has had a major impact on a lot of people which has unfortunately resulted to people relying on alcohol to help them to cope with the pressure of day to day life.

The aim of Alcohol Awareness Week 2023 is to make people realise that they do have a choice to drink alcohol or not, rather than doing this by default through habit. By changing our mindset helps us to reduce the chances of a some individuals becoming addicted and dependant on alcohol.

To find out more or to get involved with alcohol awareness week please use the link below

About Alcohol Awareness Week | Alcohol Change UK